Using Matomo with WP + another site on a subdomain


I have 1 wordpress website on my domain , and 1 another website on a subdomain

I tried first to create an account on Matomo, import my old Google Analytics Data, then installed plugin for wordpress.

I successfully get stats data on my “wordpress plugin” account (without email) but not on my previously created matomo cloud account linked to an email address, and I finally realised that I will not be able to link my existing account to my wordpress plugin installation.

So after long research I discover I should use WP-Matomo plugin (ex Piwik) instead of wordpress plugin. So I deleted my Matomo plugin for wordpress, and went back on my created account with email account.

I created my token on matomo cloud, link my new WP-Matomo plugin to my existing matomo cloud account, add my new tracking code manually with tracking site ID : _paq.push([‘setSiteId’, ‘2’]);

Link to cloud is OK , test script result in WP-Matomo plugin says : "WP-Matomo 1.0.27 is successfully connected to Matomo 4.14.1. You are usin WordPress 6.1.1. " but I don’t see any live Data showing anymore (just have older datas I previously imported from google Analytics…)

On the second website of my subdomain, I installed the tracking code corresponding to this website with tracking site ID :_paq.push([‘setSiteId’, ‘3’]);, but same issue, no data coming to the matomo dashboard…

I have spend hours and hours an can’t find how to make it run properly …
Any idea of what could be wrong ?

Thank you

Actually I get some data and few visits on my first wordpress website, but very few (less than 10 / day), on GA I had most of the time an average of 500 visits / day.
On my secondary website on subdomain, still nothing, no data.
I don’t understand what’s wrong…