Using Matomo to track campaigns and outlinks


I have piwik/matomo server installed in our production as well as my local environment.
Basically I have 2 requirements -

  1. Track campaign using pk_campaign and pk_kwd, currently I see no data despite including image tracker code in the html page and appropriately using query parameters.
  2. Track outlinks (external links) clicked by the users

I do not want to depend on javascript based tracking hence I am using image tracking code shown in my piwik/matomo instance.
But none of the two requirements are working.

Kindly help me in this regard and provide your expert suggestions.


(Lukas Winkler) #2


The image tracker is just an image in the website that loads when the website is loaded. So the Matomo server is only notified that a user loaded the image and it was embedded in site x.

Campaign tracking may be working, even though I can’t promise much.

But tracking other user interaction (apart from loading a website where the image is included) is impossible as a image doesn’t know where you click.


So, to track outlinks, I need to embed given javascript in the page right?

Also, could you please tell me what can be the possible causes of campaign not working as expected?