Using Matomo for google ads campaign: possible?


I have a merchant site for which I try to advertise with google ads.
I also have a matomo instance on my server.

Google ads asks me to track conversions so that it can be more efficient on audience relevance, and encourages me to use google analytics 4, with tags on my site.
I’m not sure I want to give such power and information to google. Because I don’t know exactly what information they will get.

So my question is:
Is it possible to use Matomo (probably with tag manager), to provide google with this conversion tracking?

Thanks a lot for any ideas or advice !

Best regards

Hi, that is possible. There is a method described here: or there is even an commercial PlugIn that exports these Data to Google Ads:


Hi Lars,

Thanks a lot for your answer ! I’m going to study this attentively.
I hope that with your advice I will be able to use only my matomo instance…

Thanks again.
Best regards