Using a string for filter_pattern

Hi there.

I have a database of 4000 video clips and every clip has an uniqe id (1-4000) in my database. On my website I use url parameters like video=13 to get to the video with id 13. I try to use Actions.getPageUrls and filter_pattern but if I use


I will get all videos with 13 in the url. Like 1313, 2413, 137. So I would like to filter using




will probably not work right?

if you URL encode the search pattern, it should work

I got it working by using %3D instead of =
but now I have another problem. I still have some pages with only the video-parameter. Like video=13 (without the & at the end).
How do I filter video=13 so it won’t find video=1313 and video=1372 and so on?

try adding $ at the end of the string?

I try to do like this:

$videostring = "video%3D".$_SESSION['video']."$";

But it doesn’t work.