UsersManager exclude admin

I’ve found some old posts about this subject, but no solution…

I’ve made a piwik setup for multiple website accounts.
When I go to UsersManager page with admin permission, I see a list with all admin accounts from the other websites.

Is there a way to exclude admins from other accounts in this list? Or make the UsersManager option only available for superadmins?

Of course I can do some custom changing in the template, but that’s only a quick fix.
Rather I would like to do it by a setting in the config.ini file, or setting in the db.

Is this possible?

It is not currently possible but it would be useful. I don’t think there is a ticket about this request so maybe you like to create one at

Thank you Matt

I have added the ticket

I cross my fingers that this functionality will be added to the standard piwik, so I don’t have to do custom re-writing on every update :slight_smile:
For a multi website installation this is really a no-go.