Users not being picked up?


I know for a fact that my users are not being picked up. I have over 50 people on the site who I have asked to “test” the statistics.

How long before they get updated? So far I have 6 recorded people and 4 of these people shows that came in from google, or a direct link to the site, and none of these are the 50 people. In fact myself is not getting picked up.

Have I missed something?

Okay, one of the users is myself - I am from the UK but it says I am from the USA.

Hi gaogier!

How long have Piwik been installed? I know that one of my first “mistakes” was to expect tracking but not adjusting the Date range to include present day as well. I realised it the day after when the hits suddenly appeared ^.^

Hans Roberto

only 8 unique visitors now, when other stats suggest we have over 450.

Date range: 2011-11-19 so today is covered - and it registers what I do… although it says I am from the US I am from the UK over 4000 miles different.

I believe that it is not picking up the whole URL - for example googles poor attempt shows gets 33 unique visitors per day - gets 2445 unique visitors per day it has them both as 2 different websites - not merged.

I found this in the FAQ:

Perhaps it can help?

/Hans Roberto