Users License exceeded

I am using some premium plugins like UsersFlow and SearchEngineKeywordsPerformance.
I have a license for 4 users but basic only one user uses these plugins.
Now I have more then 4 users created in system, but they don’t need to use these premium plugins.
Since I have more the 4 users I get a warning for “License exceeded”.
Is there a way to prevent this, to allow only 1 user to use these premium plugins?
So basic I want to know if is possible that only some users can use the premium plugins so I don’t get that “License exceeded” warning.

Thank you.


The only way to remove this message is to:

  1. Remove the excess users
  2. Buy a license to cover the excess users.

You can find more information about this here: Matomo Premium Features Subscription Guide – Matomo Analytics Marketplace


Just a suggestion, we ran into the same thing. It’s not clear when you first buy the plugins that they can’t be applied to a certain user or users. We have 2 customers that require custom reports, but > 200 that don’t, so it would be cool to allow licensing that reflected actual usage. Thanks!