Users Flow Confused

(Paul) #1

I’m struggling to understand the results of recent landing page test. Can somebody please explain how these results can occur. The landing page is /cat-claim-sharing but I don’t understand how the users go from interaction 1 to interaction 2 on the same page. See image below. Thanks Paul.


Hi Paul, I presume you are using the standard tracking code or have you made some modifications to it? Such as to track a single page website, etc?

It seems there are quite a few visitors reloading the landing page. There can be many reasons for this. For example if your audience includes quite a few people with for example ad blockers, or privacy blockers, and they need to whitelist your website in order to see it fully.

(Paul) #3

Hello Thomas, I added _paq.push([‘trackVisibleContentImpressions’, true, 750]); a couple of weeks ago trying to solve my heatmap problem. I will remove this see if it fixes the issue.