Users Flow Confused

I’m struggling to understand the results of recent landing page test. Can somebody please explain how these results can occur. The landing page is /cat-claim-sharing but I don’t understand how the users go from interaction 1 to interaction 2 on the same page. See image below. Thanks Paul.

Hi Paul, I presume you are using the standard tracking code or have you made some modifications to it? Such as to track a single page website, etc?

It seems there are quite a few visitors reloading the landing page. There can be many reasons for this. For example if your audience includes quite a few people with for example ad blockers, or privacy blockers, and they need to whitelist your website in order to see it fully.

Hello Thomas, I added _paq.push([‘trackVisibleContentImpressions’, true, 750]); a couple of weeks ago trying to solve my heatmap problem. I will remove this see if it fixes the issue.

Hello Paul, were you able to fix the issue? I’m having the same error as you.

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I am also finding hard time understanding the interactions. As Tom was mentioning, we do have SPA pages, but that should not impact the interactions data. I am confused as all of the interaction have the same URL. However if I select the “Explore Traffic” option, I get some additional details. Please help if there is any documentation on how to read this data. The existing documentation is not helping me understand the flow correctly.

It is possible to visualize the Users Flow report based on the Page Title which may help you in this instance. Users Flow FAQ

Learn more about setting up custom page title in SPA