userId match type restrictions

I am working on creating segments for users on an intranet and have used the users’ emails set as userId. I want to create a segment that matches the domain end of that email/userId. for example:

With userIds like this:

I want to have segments like this:
“Department 1” segment: userId =@
"Department 2" segment: userId =@

but I cannot, I get the error:

  1. Why does this match type restriction exist? ( Also, why isn’t it documented anywhere, so that we can know ahead of time whether the solutions we try will work?)

  2. What are some possible workarounds? Do I need to set up a custom variable that contains only the domain part that interests me?


Hi Laura

Do you mind creating a bug report at: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

I think we can change this so that it supports the “Contains” operator. We used to not be able to support it but some technical detail was changed a few weeks ago and now we should be able to support it.

Thanks in advance for creating a new issue, we will follow up there

Thanks so much Matt, I did. Hope this gets resolved and that it helps out someone else suffering the same problem.