UserID in SharePoint 2013


We have implemented PIWIK into our SharePoint 2013 environment and PIWIK is tracking all page impressions fine across various devices/browsers. My only issue is I am unable to get the userID to present within the analytics.

In our code we have captured the userID and it can be seen in the PIWIK section within “view source” also to show it is capturing the username…just not passing it over to PIWIK

var userId = ‘lelce’;
console.log(‘using xsl variable:’+userId);

This was working initially - may have patched since then and if i change the userID in FireBug and then run the page refresh it registers those hits too e.g. “joe bloggs”


Anyone have an idea on this?

Hi there,

My only issue is I am unable to get the userID to present within the analytics.

The User ID is displayed in the Visitor LOG and the Visitor Profile:

We are planning to add a new report that will lists the top User ID, please comment in to make your voice heard

Thanks for the reply Matt and well done on this great product! I’ll be sure to tell anyone I know in the SharePoint community about this analytics tool.

For some further context I am able to track the UserID but it only presents itself in the visitor log in the following scenarios;

User opens or downloads a document
User hits and exit link

If a user browses sharepoint, they will not have the userID completed; however if they happen to download a document it then captures the userID for the full session (even previous page impressions)

Let me know if you need any further information? I’m on PIWIK 2.9.0


Hi there,

For full included Sharepoint Analytics, please use this: SharePoint Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo