User wise report for Mobile and Web

My business has a website and mobile app (Like Facebook web and mobile). Same user will login from app or website. There are 2 type of users. Type 1 will post blogs. Type 2 users will view the blogs.

  1. Want to generate Type 1 user wise reports. ie: If UserA and UserB are of Type 1, how many clicks on the bolg of UserA and that for UserB. Ideally, UserA and UserB should be able to get reports relevant to them.

  2. How can I authorize UserA/UserB to access reports relevant to them. ie: Acquisition Overview report may not required by UserB but UserA requires.

  3. Do I need to use SDK for mobile app and API for web.

  4. Which is better for mobile App, SDK or API?



Hi there,

You need to use the SDK to track mobile app and JS to track websites.
Then use User ID feature to track all users in correct place: User ID - Analytics Platform - Matomo