User permisstions & separate site pages as sites

(Dmitry Nosov) #1


I’ve read all the docs available, but I still cannot get whether it is possible to do this using Piwik:

I have user_1 with homepage,
user_2 with homepage, etc

and these users are auto-generated.

Please tell me if it is possible to make user_1 see only stats for (without ability to watch the whole site or /user_2 stats)?

If it is possible, how the permission mapping works? What is of the higher priority: “view” or “no permission” (if view is set to /user_1 and no permisstion is set to /*)

Thanks in advance. )

(Dmitry Nosov) #2
  1. Yes, it is possible.
  2. You need to twick some piwik templates and disable “Action” extension to show only the specific URL stat to a user.
  3. On adding a new user, the system sets his permission level to “no permission” for all existing sites. The same behavior we have on adding a new URL. Further, you can open access to the certain users to the site list you need.

Thanks to the community, you didn’t help me at all, and I manually checked this out by installing the last version of Piwik.)

(awake) #3

I’m new here myself, but it seems Piwik does not have a large community yet so folks like you (and myself hopefully) will just have to be the community.

(vipsoft) #4

Similar questions have been raised before. The answer is yes and no. It is possible but it isn’t core functionality, largely because it has to be integrated with a user database outside of piwik.