User interface not working correctly after upgrading to 1.12

After upgrading to 1.12 the widgets no longer show up in the Dashboard, or any where else. When I click on Widgets & Dashboard nothing happens. Also, when I click on the Date Range picker I get the following error message, multiple times:

The string CoreHome_DayWe_js was not loaded in javascript. Make sure it is suffixed with _js and that you called %7BloadJavascriptTranslations plugins='$YOUR_PLUGIN_NAME'%7D before your javascript code.

This is happening no matter what browser I use (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer) to access it, and after clearing all the caches.


Robert Lilly

Read that FAQ. Ended up uninstalling and used my web host’s 1-click installer to install version 1.8.4. I’ll wait until they upgrade to move to 1.12.

OMG is 1&1 on 1.8.4? this is not good, as there has been critical security fixes since then, would you mind contacting them asking them to upgrade asap? Or try using the one click upgrade button.