User flow - transition count - strange numbers

We’re running the User Flow module which allows to analyse user flows and bounce rates of pages.

Pages in schreenshot:

  1. (Interaction 1, row 1)
  2. (Interaction 2, row 1)

On “Interaction 1, row 1” we’re seeing 117,487 visits on the page (page 1). I selected the flow from “Interaction 1, row 1” to “Interaction 2, row 1” which indicates 70,972 sessions flowed from “Interaction 1, row 1” to “Interaction 2, row 1” (as far as I understand from the image). However, the second interaction (row 1) shows that it received 37,454 visits.


Where did the 33,518 sessions stay? Did I misinterpret something? Is there some sort of documentation on this flow which I can read?

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Hi @ivodvb,

Please get in touch with our Support team at