User Feedback Widget


I’m searching for user feedback widget for Matomo.
Did anyone hear about something like that?

This features is availabe for example in HotJar

  • incoming feedback
  • feedback pools

Hi @Tomasz

Thank you for the suggestion.
At the moment this feature doesn’t exist for Matomo but we may work on it in the future.
Could you please create a feature request in our tracker at Issues · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub ?

We’re going to custom build this because Matomo doesn’t have the feature and there don’t appear to be good alternatives that are open source and can be self-hosted. There might be market for this, because we would have gladly paid for a Feedback Widget plugin.


@oxidationprocessor Did you ever complete and publish this Feedback plugin? We also need this functionality.

Hi there, the plugin is available as premium plugin read more about it here:

How can I install this plugin? I can’t find it in my marketplace

Hi @Adriano_Silveira_de
I think you can either contact directly @Alfonso_Aponte
Or going to the plugin page and contact the developer by email (his email is provided in the page)

Note: Reading the plugin page, the plugin may be available in the marketplace by summer 2023