User Configuration Errors Pulling Segmented Data Into Looker Studio


unfortunately, I’m running into issues with pulling data from Matomo with the new Looker studio connector.

I’ve created segments to drill-down into data within Matomo. They work perfectly fine within Matomo (other than the server timing out from time to time) and when pulling the data into Looker studio dashboards — but only initially. Upon reload, a couple of the metrics show errors.
The errors are flagged as user configuration errors, saying:
“This data source has not been configured correctly. The parameters in this report have changed and the current values are no longer valid. You can correct them in the “Parameters” section of the properties area of the chart, group, page or report.
The parameter value is invalid. The default value must correspond to one of the permitted options.
Parameter name: segment Specified parameter values: visitConverted==1;pageUrle%252Fanaesthesie%252F;campaignSource=@google,camp aignSourceedisplay,campaignSource=@search Erwartete Parameterwerte: , pageUrle%252Fanaesthesie%252F, referrerType==direct;pageUrl=g252Fanaesthesie%252F, referrerType==direct;visitConverted==1;pageUr1=@%252Fanaesthesie%252F, referrerType==campaign;pageUrl=g252Fanaesthesie%252F;campaignSource=@displa y,campaignSource=@search, visitConverted==1;pageUrle%252Fanaesthesie%252F;campaignSource=@display,cam paignSourceesearch, campaignSource==lcarte;pageUrle%252Fanaesthesie%252F, campaignSource==newsletter;pageUrle6252Fanaesthesie%252F, visitConverted==1;;referrer Type==search;referrerKeyword!=an%25C3%25A4sthesieagentur; etc. etc. etc.”

Can someone help me find why the doesn’t get pulled reliably? Some of the numbers populate, others not, even if they’re from the same data source.

I’ve updated the data source and segments of course to reflect changes there.

If I disconnect and reconect the data srouce for the individual number/graph, the data gets pulled fine again, until the next gamble on reload.

Pulling the data takes a long time too, unfortunately. Is this a server performance issue?

Also happy to pay for an hour of someones time if it’s too much and within what I can pay for (let me know).

Thanks so much in advance!


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Having the same issue here, I have tried recreating reports and adding a maximum number of rows to the connector but once reloading the data breaks again. Small changes to the data ie date range changes fix it but when we reload it again we are back to square one.

Error message below:

3 API methods failed. (error occurred at Tue Apr 30 2024 09:52:33 GMT+0000 (GMT), execution ID is 29377e0d-e50a-438e-91b1-b91c27f98eeb

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Is there an update regarding this issue?