User 'anonymous' doesn't exist

After updating to version 0.6.1 I got the following issues.

On the “Settings” page appear now this message: User ‘anonymous’ doesn’t exist.

I read here in the forum that it is possible to setup an anonymous user directly in the database table piwik_user and the problem is solved but there was no further explanation.

Please, would somebody explain for me how to do this? I am not very familiar with Mysql databases.

Furhter I have noticed that the statistic results after the update first worked well but then after some hours they had an failure about several hours. Now it started to count again, ist that normal?

[quote=shogun @ May 8 2010, 03:03 AM]After updating to version 0.6.1 I got the following issues.

On the “Settings” page appear now this message: User ‘anonymous’ doesn’t exist.[/quote]

Having the same exact problem here.

Figured it out. Do you have phpMyAdmin that you can use to modify your database?

If so, open the piwik_user table and select the Insert tab. Enter anonymous for the user name and click go. That simple.

If not, find out how to get into the piwik database and run the following insert command against it. Replace piwik_db with your database name. Because of the specifics of single quotes, it is best if you copy and paste the following code.

INSERT INTO `piwik_db`.`piwik_user` (
`login` ,
`password` ,
`alias` ,
`email` ,
`token_auth` ,
'anonymous', '', '', '', '', NOW( ) 

Once this is done, you should be able to get to the settings page just fine and reset your administrator password.

Thanks a lot Antimidas, I added the anonymous user to the piwik_user table like you described and everything works well now.

What did you done next ?

I have the same problem

I see any entrys in the Database, but i do not see them in the Admin

see not any Statistik in my Admin


Have you enabled the cron file as per: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Sorry, i am new at Piwik

it is an running Piwik… so i dont know some about
what you meen

I see some Table in the database since 2010 but i cant see that in the panel

with best wishes from Austria

PS. Sorry for my bad english

marcus, what exact error do you get ? please tell us more

i get that error at the login page

with USER: anonymous

PW: mine, wich i have changed with phpadmin, because the colume in the table piwik_user was emty

the maessage what i get is

i would see the OLD Data from the database, with the olf Stats since 2010

nice wishes Marc

You cannot login with the anonymous user, it is not possible, anonymous means “not logged in”. Instead you should login with your super user login and password. If you forgot your super user login, it can be found in the config/config.ini.php file


i have found the SUPER USER, and can login

BUT the " anonymous" don´t work !

If that is not necessary to see the entries, how can I make it with the SUPER-USER

to see my OLD Stats last year,…

HOW can i get that


you don’t need anonymous, just super user, you should see all data when logged in as super user

That is my Problem !

I dont See that !

So i ask, what must i do to import or aktivate that


What is your problem exactly? i don’t understand. please post screenshots and the exact bug.


i hope with that screen you see more

there you can see that i can not take my Stats from year before 2012

but i have Stats in my Database from 2011, and that one, i would see in PIWIK

Can you try, in your DB, to delete the table piwik_archive_numeric_2012_01 and try to run the archiving cron again? How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thank you

but i havent an cPanel,

i have an “pdAdmin”

there i have CRONJOB : look at the the Image

but, when i input only “00” i geht an error

“Fehlende Eingabe” = “Missing input”

can you help me per Mail ???
how much will it be ??

with best wishes Marc


i saw that i can do that also with an Browser link:

so i have take that Url:

then i get some information see the 2nd image

BUT i dont get the OLD Stats
09/2011 before roday

see the 3rd Image Attach

Can you check in your Mysql table piwik_site that the column ts_created has a correct value (the date should be the first date of data for your website , ie in 2011 or before)

Yes, that is it !

Now i can get the data before 2012

but how can i get the OLD websites ??

from my Data wich are in “piwik_log_action”

there are “15017” entrys, where can i see that ?


sorry, what’s the problem now ? :slight_smile: