Use same tag for multiple websites

I manage multiple websites on matomo and I would like to use the same tags for each of them, is it possible?

Or at least, is there a way for me to not have to create all tags again from scratch for all my others websites, knowing that I already set them up for my first website?

How do you manage tags?

I create them in tag manager but they are effective only for the current active website on the matomo interface

I am in the same case as you…
Then I have created a container template:

  1. Tag Manager > Your source Container > Versions
    Then choose Export version
  2. Tag Manager > Your source Container > Versions
    Then click Import button

After that, don’t forget then to update the Matomo Configuration variable (site ID, custom dimensions…) and finally to publish the new version of the container…

Amazing, that is exactly what I needed

Thanks a lot!