Use piwik to log usage of desktop application?

Is it possible to use piwik to log the usage of a desktop application, e.g. an app that does not run inside a browser but standalone (C++ based).
I would like to e.g. get statistics about the features used in the desktop app, the amount of time a user spends inside the app, etc.

I imagine that this works by my app sending HTTP GET requests to the piwik server, query args in the URL identify the kind of action executed in the desktop app. So this would be similar to what the current piwik JS object currently does.

Question: is the format and the semantic of the piwik URL documented somewhere? Is there any limitation on the user-agent string sent in the request, or can I use this header to identify my desktop app and its current version?


This is planned, but not yet documented (see ).
You can check out the piwik.php http request and try to emulate it. If you don’t persist cookies, tracking will be less accurate but should still work. let me know if you come up with a documentation or some code and if it works for you