Use piwigo to parse Nginx logs

I have multiple Nginx servers that host the same files. I want to count the number of hits on each file on each server and combine them.
So for example file /jquery.js had 100 hits on all 5 servers combined.

Also how about all files under a directory? All files under project/* had 200 hits on all 5 servers combined.

Can I use piwigo for this? How do I get Piwigo to read multiple access logs from remote servers?

Thank you

Piwigo is photo gallery software for the web. It’s a great tool but not for importing logs :wink:

You can use Piwik to import your logs, by copying them on the same server, or by specifying the token-auth to use when calling the API

Hi Jimaek and Matt,

Piwigo and Piwik have many letters in common but are completely separated projects (even if they share the open source spirit and if both founders studied in the same school ;-).

I know you have “many” visits (your Piwigo showed a performance issue), does it work fine with Piwik?