Use just the Tag Manager and requirements

Hellok, everyone
I’m thinking about using Matomo for the projects I work on, however I see Matomo Analytics and Matomo Tag Manager are integrated into a single product. I would like to use solely Tag Manager, is it possible at all? Speaking about server requirements I imagine these should be significantly lower compared to those in FAQ, is it true?
Let’s I have 30k visits per day - what type of setup would be enough to handle just the Tag Manager?

It is possible to use MTM (Matomo Tag Manager) with other kind of analytics (see below).
Where will you collect data?

as usual: different social network pixels, rtbs, yandex metrika and so on
basically I need an alternative to GTM

If you need additional tracking (eg Yandex), it is possible to use the HTML or image tag to send the tracking

Hi Phillippe!

Any thought s about poossible server requirements (keeping in mind I’m not gonna use analytics)?

If you just need the tag manager, a very small server with PHP 7+ will be sufficient.