Use a CDN instead of dedicated servers around the world?


We are very interested in starting to use Piwik to monitor our clients websites, but our Datacenter is located in Spain and we have clients from around the world and some of them are websites with many visitors. We have already been reading the documentation about high traffic websites and also a load balance setup.

But our main concern is the loading speed of the pages around the world, specially the ones away from our Datacenter in Spain. Say for example USA or Asian users.

So in this case we can buy lot’s of servers and spread them around the world and have them setup in a load balance way, correct? But this solution will have huge costs.

So what we think was if Piwik can take advantage of a CDN (like for example, where we would setup a load balance Piwik in our Spain Datacenter and then have it integrated with a CDN. This way the loading speed around the world will be excellent, correct?

I appreciate any kind of advices or experience sharing.

Thanks and Regards,

I would just track the requests to some nearby server (which will just log them) and loading these requests merged together into piwik later on.
A CDN is usually for static content, not dynamic one.

That is exactly what I do for my clients, using NetDNA CDN, here is an example of the basic code for tracking I use.

Hope that helps.