URL parameter delimiter

I’m playing with campaigns and I’m stuck at URL parameter handling while using semicolon as delimiter.

When I use:

  • Example Domain
    I get campaign “camp1” with keyword “amp” (in Referrers - Campaigns) and he url says only Example Domain (in Visitor Log).

  • Example Domain
    While in this case I get no campaign although I expect the very same result as above for both ‘&’ and ‘;’ can by used as parameter delimiters.

I need to be able handle both because our system uses semicolons but ampersands can come from the outer space. :smile:

After a while I found out that PHP’s default setting is “&” (php.ini). So I changed to arg_separator.input = “;&” but still no change for me. What am I missing? Probably something trivial but I can’t figure it out now.

While having a layer between browser and Piwik itself (browser -> database buffer & json bulk export -> piwik) I could unescape url/download and switch semicolons for ampersands. But rather this I would like to do as few changes to original data as possible.

Thanks for any feedback.

Hi there,

we are supposed to handle the URLs like http://example.com/?p=test;pk_cpn=camp1;pk_kwd=sc
if it’s not working for you please create bug report @ Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub and we will investigate :+1: