URL aliases - custom names for URLs



Is there a possibility to set alias for different URLs within one domain? I suppose the feature has been already implemented, but I have not found any example of its usage.

Let me explain my problem

Visitors on my website visit URLs like

These URLs are very long and does not say a word about content. The title of appropriate web pages does not carry content information either. Thats’s way I cannot use piwikTracker.setDocumentTitle(document.title);

All I want to do is set URL aliases


and then see number of visits of pages “Book1”, “Book2”, etc.

FAQ contains question “How do I control the categories tree structure in the Page URLs and Page titles reports?” It may be the answer to my question, but unfortunately I did not find well-documented example to show me how to do.

Any help will be appreciated.




Someone can tell me to use “Goals”. I tried so, but found it inappropriate for my application. You know, I would like to track about 100-1000 URLs and it´s impossible to define so many goals and not to get lost in the long list of goals at the same time.

The table of URLs, their aliases and number of visits would be the thing I am looking for. Just adding a column to “Action > Pages” overview (like on attached picture). Is something like that possible in Piwik today or should it be reported as a suggestion for a new feature?


(Matthieu Aubry) #3

You can change the tracked URLs by calling the JS or PHP api method setCustomUrl()