Urchin data import

I’m planning to switch to Piwik from Urchin. Is it possible to somehow import historical data from Urchin into Piwik? Any discussion I’ve seen about this seems to be about importing web server logs but for historical data, I no longer have the web server logs, but only the data in Urchin.

I do have the u6data_extractor.pl tool and I’m hoping that with that I can maybe produce some files which can be imported into Piwik, otherwise a lot of historical data will be lost.

You will need the server logs to use the Log analytics tool: Log Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I gathered that. I was hoping that maybe with the aid of the urchin data extractor, I could produce something which the log analytics tool could use.

Not really possible as far as I know (you would need to re-create visitor logs to re-import in piwik)