Uptime monitor


It’d be REALLY cool if Piwik had a built-in website uptime monitor, that pinged a site every X minutes, and would email you if the site went down. Of course, for this to work it’d probably have to be installed on another server like a cheap shared hosting plan when it’s tracking a mission critical site that is on a different VPS or dedicated server. THAT would be cool.

Though maybe it’d just be better as a separate project though. It’d be pretty easy for someone familiar with the workings of piwik, I’d imagine, given that piwik’s graphing code could still be used. it’d just need to be set up to ping a site every X minutes. If it returns a response, it’s still up. If the server doesn’t respond, ping it again immediately, and if it still doesn’t respod a second time, send an email (That’s how pingdom works.). And the data could be graphed using piwik’s graphing ability already!

THAT would be awesome! Piwik rocks. Keep up the good work!


have you heard of nagios?
piwik is no watchdog - isn’t it.
also there quite a lot of free cronjob services, that do that for you