Upgrading a plugin

We have an older plugin that is not compatible with the newer piwik.

How do we go about debugging it to upgrade it ourselves? I find any debug tools that would indicate what is not longer supported that we have to update.

There is no debugging tool or so, you will have to upgrade it manually I’m afraid.

Is there not some error log or anything we can look at to see why piwik says it’s not compatible? so we can start to see what needs to be upgraded?


I was facing similar issues a few weeks ago. My plugin just disappeared from the dashboard without any errors after a Piwik upgrade.
I had a look at the Actions plugin to compare my plugin strucure with the - I guess - recommended one.
You should explicitely have a look at one Actions of the ‘Actions’ folder and a Dimension of the ‘Columns’ folder as well as the Archiver.

One more thing…the changelog could give hints of what is depecated since the latest version…

I am actually pretty often desperate doing plugin development and the time investment is quiet high, but for me comparing and looking at existing plugins is the only thing that helps (Would be glad I someone could correct me :)).

Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback!

the plugin should not have disappeared from the dashboard. We always try to maintain backward compatibility for all 2.X releases. not sure what happened there?

@moritz.herbert @moritz.herbert We have just started publishing a platform changelog, check it out at: Matomo Platform Changelog - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3
We document there all major changes in the Platform itself, a good read for plugin developers.

Also we are starting a new blog post series about the platform: Development Archives - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Stay in touch and let us know what you create with the platform, and how we can make it better!

yeah that behavior was pretty strange, though.

Like I said the changelog is helpful. Next time I will provide a link as well.

Unfortunately my plugin is fit very specifically to our project’s requirements and also contains a connection to an external MongoDB database for extended event tracking (databases are connected via the ‘idlink_va’ field of the log_link_visit_action table).

I don’t know if it would possibly help anyone outside the project.

I will probably develop a heat map in the near future which I then would contribute.