Upgraded to v3 and lost all previous stats

I followed the instructions and upgraded to version 3. I had to update my php in order to get it to run. I also had to upgrade my to the latest version of Mac Server in order to get a later version of PHP.
I now have a fully functioning version 3 and it has been tracking data since I upgraded on March 5. The problem is that I can’t access any of my data prior to that date. (I had 2-3 years worth of data.)
My old web log files are in a different location, so I read up on importing and processing them and did that for one of the sites using python import_logs and console core:archive. Both completed with no errors. Still only data since March 5.
I am not sure where to head next. The only thing I can think of is to merge each of the old site log files with its new counterpart. I just want to have some idea that that will work, as it is not going to be quick.
Thanks for your help, Wade

after upgrading to piwik 3 you should still all your old data that you could see before. if not, that’s a bug and we can try to help. can you create ticket at: Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub with some info