Upgraded to 2.2.2 - only one site been displayed in dropdown BUG


Hi I upgraded my piwik version to the latest 2.2.2 - everything seemed fine until I logged back in as admin, and noticed that only the default site is now showing in the main default dashboard dropdown to select a site - unable to select others. On the admin setting sites the websites are stll displayed as active. The upshot of this bug is that I am unable to see the statistics of sites accept the default one. Unusable. Is there a bug fix coming out soon ?


This is a MAJOR bug in version 2.2.2 - as a direct result it is now unsuable for the superadmin user - have 412 domains in system, but can only the see/select the statistics for one site. I hope this bug is fixed asap.

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

@platinumshore please email thomas@piwik.org with your bug description, access to piwik server, and possibly access to ftp or SSH if you can, we will investigate error and fix it!