Upgrade to latest piwik via button - no php version warning


Im now faced with a very long day of problems, if not more, because i decide to click on the “upgrade” button in piwik… Upgrade went perfectly smooth without any problems. Just at the end to lead me to the page saying my php version is not compatible - that is an old debian lenny server that i still have to support but dont have the time to upgrade…

Is there a way to downgrade? i honestly dont even remember which version of piwik i had… I assume when upgrading the database got upgraded too, so just downloading an old version and replacing the files wont work…

I will spend time now trying to figure out if there is a quick way to upgrade php, or some other server-based solution.

Can i add here a strong suggestion to check the requirements of the server BEFORE offering the upgrade button??



EDIT: I have restored a backup from today at 6 am, so not too much lost, so the problem is fixed for now! So, ignore most of my message above, except the suggestion for a warning :). Best, B.

If this version of Piwik does indeed change the version of PHP required, IT ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TO INCLUDED IN THE CHANGELOG!!! In fact, now that I look for some sort of specifications on the minimum versions of software required to run Piwik, I can’t find that AT ALL!

Please consider adding a list of required and minimum versions for software needed to run Piwik to the Piwik download page. Also consider adding any changes in required versions of software to the changelog.


I got this problem some weeks ago when going from 1.x to 2.x Upgrade went smooth and then it told me that the php version wasn’t sufficient. Which meant I had to upgrade php as well … That they are going to stop support for some older 5.x versions has been shown very prominently in the Dashboard or somewhere else in Piwik. In current Piwik versions. If you upgrade from an older version, say last year, you won’t see that. Yes, people should read the changelog (if it is in the changelog), but sometimes you just read some and not all of it. As the others I think the installer should have a version check right before the installation starts. Also, it would be nice if the update information itself that gets shown in Piwik could already include a version check and if it fails offer the next lower version of Piwik that still runs with the installed php version. "Piwik n.n.n needs at least PHP version n.n. Please either upgrade your PHP version or update to this Piwik version m.m.m which is the latest that will run with your current PHP version. Note, you won’t be able to update any further unless you upgrade your PHP version from n.n to at least m.m. (but not above o.o).

I wonder how hard would it be to get a copy of the whole piwik folder and a dump of the database into some backup file before every upgrade attempt, at least as a precaution - i know i should have done that manually, but maybe is something like that can be included in the installers… just an idea :slight_smile:

One more thing - having an install log would be great - i could have then found out which version i had prior to the ugprade, as that also caused me a headache and led to trying 3 different 1.* versions before i got the right one :slight_smile:

In al lhonesty I didnt read the changelogs at all - it is clearly written there that 2.0 is upgraded to php 5.3 and uses the crazy class/namespace definitions :slight_smile: