Upgrade / Re-deploy Matomo docker in AWS ECS


I want to update the version of Matomo in my AWS ECS container. But I think I can’t just switch the version because I will loose the config from the config.php file. (since I will deploy a clean config.php file). Is that right ?

If so, how can i export the matomo config file before updating since in aws ecs i don’t have access to the file.

Thank you

You did some changes in the config file…
How did you did them?

It’s actually worse. A long time ago I have deployed a docker image into ECS, then I did the setup, it generated inside the container the config.ini.php.

Problem : I need to move the entire to setup to another server (EC2) but I can’t get the content of the config.ini.php since it’s inside the AWS Fargate container and you cannot access it.

Today, I did manage to reinstall Matomo on new environnment using the existing database but it’s seems that the token auth since I don’t have the original salt.