Upgrade Plugins to 2.0.x


after the update from 1.11 to 2.0.2 are all self developed plug-ins “not compatible with Piwik 2.0.2”

It is only the optioon the plugins to “Uninstall”.

Is there a guide plugins that have been developed for 1.x migrate to 2.x?

regards, micha

Hi Micha,

All the guides for Piwik development are found in: http://developer.piwik.org/

We have not a guide for specific conversion of Piwik 1 to Piwik 2 but looking /searching in the code you will be able to convert the plugin. Or contact support at: We offer support subscriptions for businesses worldwide to make the most out of Piwik analytics. - Analytics Platform - Matomo with your needs