Upgrade issue (v1.2 -> 2.0b1)

Have decided to upgrade to the new beta and test it out.

I hit auto-upgrade, and after a little while, the page hung, loading, with a white screen.
I reopened the page, and got the message:

Piwik database will be upgraded from version 2.0-a12 to the new version 2.0-b1.

Which is odd, as I was upgrading from stable, not from 2.0-a12.
Anyways, I hit “upgrade piwik”, and got the message:

Critical Error during the update process:
Error trying to execute the query 'UPDATE piwik_option SET option_name = ‘version_ScheduledReports’ WHERE option_name = ‘version_PDFReports’ '.
The error was: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry ‘version_ScheduledReports’ for key ‘PRIMARY’

(Command line had same results).

I will follow the steps suggested (“advanced user”) , and report back, but wanted to know if (a) the is anything extra to lookout for as am doing a version upgrade. and (b) wanted to alert you to an issue in the one-click upgrade.

Thank you for your hard work.

I simply delete the row “version_PDFReports”. The row version_ScheduledReports already exists, as is obvious from the err.

This caused Piwik to load, and it looks like everything is OK< though the version_core is set to 2.-a17.

How do I know if everything is OK?

i fixed this bug in case others would hit the problem.

I can confirm you everything is OK (aslo look Settings>System check)