Upgrade from 2.1 to 2.7 fails


we just tried the upgrade from 2.1 to 2.7, but only get a strange dashboard afterwards (please see attached screenshot).

We wiped out the complete webspace und re-uploaded version 2.7, but get the same result.
Deleting the browser cache on FF, Chrome, IE - still not working.

PHP Version 5.3.18 with XCache

Thanks for any tips,

Delete the entire TMP folder within Piwik in order to have it rebuil, because thats where css is stored.. i had some css issues with the dashboard as well (back on other version upgrade) ..dont know if it is the same mechanism but thats how i fixed.

Thanks for repsonse,

I wiped out the tmp Folder and even the whole webroot and re-uploaded the source, but unfortunately it still does not work.

any error in your error log?

There are no errors in the log - really strange.

I also tried the new version 2.8 - same result. I am really out of luck :frowning:

Look at the JavaScript file loaded, maybe some of it is incomplete?

if you cant find the issue can you PM URL to this post and access to your piwik so I can see the issue?

Thanks for the offer. We did look at the javascript files, but were not able (or capable) of finding something. I was so free to sent you the access account. Thanks for your help.