Upgrade - big jump

We’re trying to upgrade from an old piwik (pre-3.05) to Matomo 3.13. Can the upgrader handle the database upgrade? Or should we step to an interim Matomo, like 3.05. Then move up?

Note: we have some custom variable in our database.

I’ve tried, and gotten a memory limit failure. (Not a php.ini memory limit–it’s possible we need a bigger server.)


The updater should be able to update from any version to the latest one.

But (especially if you update from Matomo <3) it might take some time running the update and database migrations and you might run into timeouts set up in your setup. So try to disable max_execution_time in PHP beforehand, run the from the commandline.

It can’t hurt to do some intermediate versions (especially the last 2.x version) by fetching the files from https://builds.matomo.org/ and updating manually: