Update to V 0.6: Data before may 2010 not shown

Just upgraded to version 0.6 and everything seemed to work well. When looking closer at the charts I recognized that no data before may 2010 is displayed.

What I tried to solve this:

  • deleted all piwijk_archive_* tables and let piwik recreate those tables and contents
  • verified that table piwik_log_visit contains data before may 2010

Any suggestions what to do? Need more info to debug this problem - ask me?!


Update: The date picker (calendar symbol) does only offer one date: 5th of may 2010… weird!

Second update, and this one is really strange… I just installed 0.6, today is 5 May 2010 and that’s the only date that displays/functions in the date picker.

Also of note, I’ve generated ~165k rows in piwik_log_visit and all charts on the dashboard indicate ‘No Data…’

I neglected to mention that the data in question comes from the misc/generateVisits.php script.

From some forum sniffing, it seems these may be related issues?



having a similar problem:
Piwik does not show data < april 09 but in the websites’ overview I can chose earlier months.

My actual workaround: select specific month in websites’ overview and than click on one page
to see the requested reports.

The calendar will start, for a given website, at the date which the website was created. If you created fake visits for before this date, you can change the piwik_site.ts_created to be older.

ok, I understand the behavior in my case now.


This pointed my to where the problem arises!

Updating to V 0.6 set all piwik_site.ts_created fields to the time and date I did the update. This prevents data older than this creation date to be displayed.

I solved this by running the following sql query(backup table piwik_site!):

update piwik_site PS set PS.ts_created = (SELECT min(visit_first_action_time) FROM `piwik_log_visit` PLV where PLV.idsite=PS.idsite)

Thanks & CU

Edit: Don’t forget to delete all piwik_archive_blob_* and piwik_archive_numeric_* tables as they will contain wrong data. these tables get reconstructed once they are needd by piwik.