Update to 3.7.0 fails with "Service not available"

(Nathan Zachary) #1


I usually have no problems manually updating Matomo to the latest release. However, when I copy in my config.ini.php to the newly-uploaded 3.7.0 config/ directory, Apache just throws a “Service not available” error and the page is blank. I’ve looked through the logs, but at least Apache’s logs don’t provide any further information. My guess is that something changed within the config.php.ini between the 3.6 and 3.7 releases, but I don’t know what.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Nathan Zachary

(Lukas Winkler) #2


The config.php.ini doesn’t change between releases and what you are doing (copying it over into a clean upload should always work.

So the error has to be somewhere else.

If you remove the config.php.ini from the directory, do you get the setup installer correctly

Can you doublecheck if all files have been uploaded correctly?

Without knowing which PHP error occurs, it is hard to troubleshoot.

(Nathan Zachary) #3

Hello Lukas,

Thank you for your reply. That’s what I’ve always done, and it’s never been a problem. However, this time, it fails with the config.php.ini present in the config/ subdirectory. However, if I remove the file, I do see the installer. Please let me know what I can provide for further troubleshooting.

Thank you.

Nathan Zachary

(Lukas Winkler) #4


We need to know what exactly fails. So maybe check your PHP error logs again to see what exactly happens (as you see nothing at all, it has to appear in some log). I am not using and can therefore not tell you the exact paths.

(Nathan Zachary) #5

Oddly enough it seems to be related to Chromium. I am able to go through the update procedure using Firefox even when Chromium shows the error mentioned above. Once the upgrade is complete, then the site works in Chromium. Though I have caching disabled, it may be something browser-specific here for the upgrade procedure. Very strange.

(Lukas Winkler) #6


In that case it is always useful to check the browser developer console for errors (F12)