Update to 1.8.4 does not work, PHP error instead

Good morning everybody,

ich just tried to update Piwik to the new version like I do everytime:

  • backup the old folder
  • relocating URL to the backup folder
  • unzip the new version
  • copy config.ini.php and main.ini.php from backup to the new Piwik folder
  • test it

Unfortunately I got the following PHP error when accessing the new Piwik version:
Undefined index: archiving_ranking_query_row_limit
in ‘[path on my server]/piwik/plugins/Actions/Actions.php’ at the line 466

#0 Piwik_ErrorHandler(…) called at [[path on my server]/piwik/plugins/Actions/Actions.php:466]
#1 Piwik_Actions->reloadConfig(…) called at [[path on my server]/piwik/plugins/Actions/Actions.php:445]
#2 Piwik_Actions->__construct(…) called at [[path on my server]/piwik/core/PluginsManager.php:427]
#3 Piwik_PluginsManager->loadPlugin(…) called at [[path on my server]piwik/core/PluginsManager.php:379]
#4 Piwik_PluginsManager->reloadPlugins(…) called at [[path on my server]/piwik/core/PluginsManager.php:271]
#5 Piwik_PluginsManager->loadPlugins(…) called at [[path on my server]/piwik/core/FrontController.php:266]
#6 Piwik_FrontController->init(…) called at [[path on my server]/piwik/index.php:52]

Did anyone have the same issue or does anyone was goes wrong here? I can’t find a cause for this and I can’t see an error in my way of updating Piwik.

Thanks for every help and have a nice day, best regards

It sounds like the file config/global.ini.php was not updated correctly form the new version, please check this file is overwritten too

Thanks matt, you’ve been right, everything is working now :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!