Update-Problem: Warning - preg_match(): Unknown modifier 'w'

(Marc Mertens (QuerKommentar)) #1

Hello from Germany,

I got the message that there is an update for piwik to Version 2.12 and made it with the autoupdate-function.
Before that, everything works fine and i had no error messages.

Now there comes up:
WARNING: /mnt/webj/e1/43/51186643/htdocs/WebAnalyse/core/Url.php(252): Warning - preg_match(): Unknown modifier ‘w’ - Piwik 2.12.0
and the Javascript-Tracking-Code should be integrated, but it still is!

I made no changes to the directory in which the files are stored. The config.ini.php is correctly set to my URL: “marcmertens.photography/WebAnalyse” Caused by this error I load up the files with FileZille another time manually.

Piwik should be used for my own Wordpress-Blog under: QuerKommentar.de and there i use the WP-Piwik-PlugIn.

I am new with Piwik and just started the tool. So I have still to learn a lot of things about it.
Thanks for the support and time.


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi Marc

can you please paste the lines “trusted_hosts” from your config.ini,php?

Likely one contains a little typo, but still would be good if you pasted the lines here

(Marc Mertens (QuerKommentar)) #3

Hello Matt,

I hope you mean this?:

trusted_hosts[] = “marcmertens.photography/WebAnalyse”

This is the location where I installed (uploaded) the extracted piwik files.

But in the meantime I found, that the “WP-Piwik”-Plugin recognizes the right Version of my installation. Maybe, something went wrong with the auto-update-function and this plugin, or not? I don´t made essential changes on piwik since the first setup yesterday. :wink:

Thank you.

(Matthieu Aubry) #4


trusted_hosts[] = “marcmertens.photography/WebAnalyse”


trusted_hosts[] = “marcmertens.photography”

This should fix the issue for now.

(Marc Mertens (QuerKommentar)) #5

Hello Matt,

Thank you for your support and time. (tu) :slight_smile:

I just uploaded the edited config-file manually and now the errors are gone.

But it seems to be a liitle curious, that my changes in the administration panel of the URL-Section of this config-entry after the errors show up had not the same effect. Maybe there could be a problem.

The message of the missing java-script-tracking-snippet in my WordPress-Installation is still there. But in the meantime I will look into the admin panel of my weblog.

Kind regards,

(Matthieu Aubry) #6

Do you remember maybe putting
trusted_hosts[] = “marcmertens.photography/WebAnalyse”

manually in your config file?

or are you sure that this was added automatically?