Update Matomo to 4.x - plugin compatibility quick question!

Hi All,

When i downloaded the zip file i received the following warning from Matomo;

Note: some plugins are not compatible with Paperplanes 4.2.0. We will update them if there is an update on the Marketplace, otherwise we will disable them when you upgrade:

  • QueuedTracking requires Paperplanes <4.0.0-b1.
  • WhiteLabel requires Paperplanes <4.0.0-b1.

But when i look at the plugins individually on marketplace they both say;

Matomo >=4.0.0-b1,<5.0.0-b1

Just to confirm my thoughts before i do pull the trigger, is the top warning message referring to the compatibility of the plugin version currently installed on my server, and not the compatibility of the plugin available on marketplace?



The version you have installed only supports Matomo 3 and will therefore be disabled during the update. But Matomo should also install the new version of the plugin that only supports Matomo 4 (which exists for both plugins you mention) during the update and everything should work as before.

Cheers mate - i thought as much just wanted to double check!

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@Lukas, one more thing, typically how long does the db upgrade take?

its seems to be stuck on this for around an hour, i know matomo_log_link_visit_action is a big table

Executing ALTER TABLE matomo_log_link_visit_action CHANGE interaction_position pageview_position MEDIUMINT UNSIGNED DEFAULT NULL;…


The Matomo 4.0 database update is definitely one of the larger ones as it includes a lot of things that got delayed over the last years as they would be a major change.

How long it takes exactly depends totally on the size of the database and the speed of the database server.

For my tiny database of ~300MB it took no longer than 10s.

Yeah mine is 92GB. bit of a slog!

Finally got there and touchwood everything is up and running! thanks to your assistance @Lukas as ever

A few tips for people who have databases like mine of 90GB plus;

  1. Turn the php max_execution_time time in php.ini into well over 14 hours
  2. Ensure there’s plenty of free disk space on the server or have software configured in my.cnf to cater for the large temporary tables that can be stored in RAM
  3. Ensure that all legacy files are removed (go to the diagnostic check page and there are handy scripts here telling you what to delete)

These three things tripped me up along the way

Cheers and happy Matomo 4ing,

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