Update issue, followed manual steps but stuck

I manually tried to update my matomo (as I have no ftp server by choice), I followed Update Piwik User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo I was using 3.6.1 and backed up my config.ini.php, downloaded “wget https://builds.piwik.org/piwik.zip” and unzipped over the matomo install. I logged into matomo and spotted the usual banner saying to update but no idea how I trigger this?

I am re downloading piwik.zip to verify the version but its slow at 4.8KB/sec

It appears as if https://builds.piwik.org/piwik.zip if Matomo 3.8.0 not 3.8.1?

https://builds.piwik.org/matomo.zip is Matomo 3.8.0 too??? How do I get 3.8.1?


I just downloaded both files and they are fine (and according to https://builds.piwik.org/ haven’t been changed since the release).

Can you check the core/Version.php file in the zip? It should mention which version the zip really is.

Right you are, “version.php” does indeed list v3.8.1, CHANGELlog.md says “Matomo 3.8.0”. I’ll try again.

I did backup config, delete the old install, extract the new install and it said 3.8.1 was available?? are updates easier over ftp?


Whats the diff between piwik.zip and matomo.zip (are they the same?)


CHANGELOG.md isn’t the changelog of the Matomo application (you can find it at https://matomo.org/changelog), but just changes for developers.

As 3.8.1 is a bugfix release, there were no breaking changes.

The zip files are both the same, it is just for backwards compatibility.