Update 3.13.1: no tracking in InternetExplorer, error addEventListener

Since Update to 3.13.1 MS InternetExplorer isn’t tracked any more.
Its console tells me about a script error, because addEventListener is not supported
Safari, Firefox and Chrome still work, but sadly most of our company-users only have InternetExplorer installed.


Which Internet Explorer version are you talking about?

According to Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc IE 9+ should support addEventListener.

Nevertheless Matomo should also support tracking in ancient browsers like IE 8 (even though nobody should be using them anymore) and it seems like this is a bug:

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ah, right. we use IE 11, but in IE 8 mode. It’s a corporate guideline because of old internal websites.
I tried to set it manually to IE 9 mode an everything works fine.
So I will try to change this guideline, but I am afraid, there are reasons why they set it to IE 8.
It would be great, if matomo developers would consider this a bug and fix it.


Could you try out this patch:

If it works, then this can be included in the next patch release.

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I’m not very familiar with github. What’s the best way to download the patch?
complete download from GitHub - matomo-org/matomo at 15477 ?
I downloaded the 5 changed files, because I saw no way to download a patch-file or single diff-files.

Saying this, I tested the patch by downloading and exchanging the 5 files and it seems to work. No more errors in IE console when using IE 8 mode.
I see that piwik.php is being executed now after fetching piwik.js, even with Internet Explorer.

It also still works with google chrome and IE 11 in native mode.
Looks good to me.
Thank you!

In case of minified files like here there isn’t really an elegant way. Simply replacing the files should be enough.

Thanks for reporting back.

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