Update 2.2.1 - Visitor log sort order wrong

Since updating to piwik 2.2.1 the sort order of the visitor log has changed.

It now starts with the oldest visitor in the requested timeframe. Not really helpful.

I have this issue too. How can this be changed?

i have the same Problem! How can i fix it?

This fix worked for me:

in Live plugin folder search for this file:


Line 34 change:

$this->requestConfig->filter_sort_order  = 'asc';

Change it to

$this->requestConfig->filter_sort_order  = 'desc';

Hope this will help you.

Works. Thanks!

Thanks mattrizio.

I hope there will be a permanent solution later, I don’t wait to update this file all the time when there’s a new release.

Works! Thanks a lot!

It was fixed in git master and we will release new version asap with this fix!