Update: 1.5.0 to 1.5.1: Missing files + Memory Leak


Update: Missing Files
I’ve updated piwik from 1.5.0 (fresh installation) to 1.5.1, now it moans about missing files.
So far I’ve reconstructed modifier.replace.php after I found the code using google.
Now it states, that function.logoHtml.php is missing.
This does not only apply on the one-click-update.
I’ve downloaded the full package which does not include these files either.

Memory Leak
Further I believe to have found a memory leak in DataTable.php:
There’s this one site with 15k visitors in daily average.
Loading its stats makes piwik crash due to time limit reach (now set to 10 minutes), followed by memory limit ( now 512MB ) reach after increasing the time limit.
There is this archiver cronjob which I once started manually to see that it processes the data without error. So said file is added to the crontab, however, it does not seem to properly archive as piwik still does that on the website.
I want the data to be ready to use when my coworkers enter piwik, and the cronjob to prepare the output data, as it seems supposed to do.

I would gladly appreciate your advice.

With kind regards,

I might have had the same memory problems. It caused me to move Piwik to another server. Somehow, when doing a lot of Piwik requests, the memory isn’t given back to the server. Maxing it out until it crashes.

Normally the memory usage would be 200MB, maybe 400MB max. But when running Piwik, it slowly went up to 1024 until it crashed the server. Shouldn’t be happening. Could be serious…


Got the problem isolated, not sure what caused this.

It was a clean 1.5.0 installation updated to 1.5.1, I’ve backed up the 1.5.1 live filesystem, copied the full package onto the server which didn’t work flawless either, and copied the live backup over it. It does work now. Doesn’t make much sense to me, why it didn’t work before, then but oh well. Hope this helps someone.


Footnote: I did not yet check, if that fixed the memory problems as well, but I haven’t gotten a related warning from php since then. The memory and time limit settings are still increased though (through htaccess).