Up to 100M events / day


Hi !

I’m looking for an analytics solution and I just discovered Piwik which seems very interesting.
I want to log events that are around videos (play, pause, fullscreen, etc) and get stats among multiple criterias (device, geoloc, category of video, etc). I can have up to 100M events per day.

Can Piwik be used in this way, and can it be scaled to manage 100M events / day ? If yes, which kind of infrastructure would be needed for it ?

Thanks for your help

(Melissa Avery-Weir) #2

100M per day? Wow.

There seem to be sites with 100M+ events per month. You’ll want to take a look at the docs, which talk a little about scaling and hardware for different event quantities, and this forum post which gives some example numbers and hardware from real people.

(Kasia Waglewska) #3

Hi Krosk, please contact sales@piwik.pro so that we could discuss infrastructure details and provide you with the advice. Best, Kasia


@averymd Thanks for the link to the forum post, it’s helpful to see which infrastructure has been set up in production, even not with so much events

@katwag thanks i’ll email you soon