Unwanted de-duplication of url key=value pairs

I apologize if this is something easily found, but I either don’t know the right terminology or maybe this feature is hiding somewhere in the bowels of piwik.

The url in the browser is this:

This is being delivered to my piwik server and seems to be recorded as:

I would like to be able to keep all the pv5=x parameters in the first url. Note that these key=value pairs are being sent in a get request to the user application server from a and the values are significant to the page I am trying to record. Am I missing something? I can get around this by aliasing the ampersand to other symbols, but I lose the ability to easily click on links in piwik.

I think Piwik should keep the last seen value for a given parameter (if it keeps the first one,it may be a bug, since browsers use the last one).
we could add a setting to not de-duplicate, but may be easier/faster to change your urls as such setting wouldnt help lots of users. Cheers!

You are correct, it does keep the last value. I’ve fixed it by aliasing the ampersand to an arbitrary string and then transforming it back to usable urls using greasemonkey on the client side. It’s not the perfect solution, but I can get away with it because it’s just me.

If anyone needs something like this in the future they can take a look at the greasemonkey userscript found here: