Unusually high page reload on HP (+50%) - 2023

I found a few topics asking this question but no answer

Where could this ungodly amount of page reload come from?
Everything was normal up to a few months ago, then the pageviews sckyrocketed compared to unique pageviews.
I can now observe around 50% page reload on most pages (including HP)

Does anyone has any idea what could cause this??

Thanks a lot

Cookie banner reloads the page after consent?

Thank you for your quick answer and suggestion!
Although our Matomo is set up as to not need any cookies in order to be GDPR friendly, so this should not be the problem…

If anyone know of a mean to check what could be happening (through the console or such), please let me know!

Are you on Matomo On Premise or Cloud?

Best solutions may vary depending on which you’re on.

Anyway, I’m betting on some kind of automated reload… but to pinpoint the exact cause you’ll need to record user’s sessions.

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