(Unspecific/common) error message when retrieving reports for custom date ranges

Hello all,

when trying to get reports for somewhat longer, custom time ranges (say a few months), I often get the

“Oops… there was a problem during the request. Maybe the server had a temporary issue ….”

error message.

There is no entry in the apache error log. I’ve set up the Piwik application log at “DEBUG” level, but all I get is:

DEBUG Piwik\Plugin\Manager[2016-09-01 10:20:59] [20673] Loaded plugins: CorePluginsAdmin, CoreAdminHome, CoreHome, WebsiteMeasurable, Diagnostics, CoreVisualizations, Proxy, API, ExamplePlugin, Widgetize, Transitions, LanguagesManager, Actions, Dashboard, Mu
ltiSites, Referrers, UserLanguage, DevicesDetection, Goals, Ecommerce, SEO, Events, UserCountry, VisitsSummary, VisitFrequency, VisitTime, VisitorInterest, ExampleAPI, ExampleRssWidget, Feedback, Monolog, Login, UsersManager, SitesManager, Installation, Core
Updater, CoreConsole, ScheduledReports, UserCountryMap, Live, CustomVariables, PrivacyManager, ImageGraph, Annotations, MobileMessaging, Overlay, SegmentEditor, Insights, Morpheus, Contents, BulkTracking, Resolution, DevicePlugins, Heartbeat, Intl, Professio
nalServices, UserId
DEBUG Actions[2016-09-01 10:20:59] [6775e] range archive, idSite = 8 (definitive archive), segment ‘’, report = ‘VisitsSummary’, UTC datetime [2015-03-10 23:00:00 -> 2015-06-10 21:59:59]
DEBUG Actions[2016-09-01 10:20:59] [6775e] PluginsArchiver::callAggregateAllPlugins: Initializing archiving process for all plugins [visits = 278995, visits converted = 30645]
DEBUG Actions[2016-09-01 10:20:59] [6775e] PluginsArchiver::callAggregateAllPlugins: Not archiving reports for plugin ‘ExamplePlugin’.
DEBUG Actions[2016-09-01 10:20:59] [6775e] PluginsArchiver::callAggregateAllPlugins: Archiving period reports for plugin ‘Actions’.

Also, max_execution_time is set to unlimited, memory limit is at 1600 M. The site in question has about 600.000 page views/month, if that matters. Auto-archiving has been set up.

Any ideas how to get more information about what’s going wrong?


Hi there, are you using latest Piwik version?

Yes, 2.16.2. The “system check” page shows all green.

I’ve got a suspect: There is a load balancer in front of the Piwik server that times out connections at around 20s.

Is it possible that the Piwik UI does some XHR request and, if that times out/aborts, displays the error message? I mean, is that error message generated in the client?

That would explain why I don’t get any errors in the server log file.