Unsampled/raw analytics per user pageview through the API

We are testing Piwik to see if we can use it to track users over our site.

We have create a demo site with the free trail of Piwik to see if the product is usable but we can’t export in the trail.

So i’ve tried to see if i can figure out if it is possible to get analytic information with Piwik through the API after some reading I found UserId.getUsers() but I can’t find what this API will return. There is no description of the response and the demo urls all return an empty result.

Where can I find information on what the API can return for raw / unsampled analytics per user.

you need to set: User ID - Analytics Platform - Piwik

but to export all sessions ./ users / etc. you can use the Live API. Reporting API Reference: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3