Unknown agent segment


I would like to create a segment with all the visitors with unknown devices in order to try to debug unrecognized user agent.

Is this possible? I don’t seem to be able to find the Unknwon value when I choose from the automatic dropdown of e.g. Software or Operating System.

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This should show you all visits where no browser could be detected.

So even if it doesn’t autocomplete it should still be understood?

Thanks a lot! I will try it.


It did autocomplete both of them for me.

Ah. Indeed “Unknown” is there for device brand, but is not there though for “Device type”, which is the broader category I am trying to verify…


I think you are onto something…

I also fail to add a Device Type segment.

Even this “clever” trick doesn’t result in anything.

I’m also not sure how an Unknown Device Type can happen as I always thought about it as an fixed list.

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